The controversial last article of the deceased journalist in Qatar: he wrote about the deaths of migrant workers in the World Cup

“They just don’t care. The organizers of the World Cup do not even hide their apathy for the deaths of migrant workers, including the most recent one”, began writing Grant Wahl, in his last work before his shocking deathwhich occurred after he collapsed while covering the game between Argentina and the Netherlands.

The professional published an article about the indifference of the committee in charge of the World Cup, before the deaths of migrant workers during the event.

“He doesn’t care that a Filipino migrant worker died in the training center in Saudi Arabia during the group stage. He suffered a fatal blow to the head during a fall from a forklift,” he alleged.

It should be remembered that before this event, the executive director of the committee, Nasser Al-Khater, told the BBC: “We are in the middle of a successful World Cup. And this is what you want to talk about right now?

The journalist expressed his shock at the coldness of Al-Khater, who also reproached the BBC reporter who was interviewing him for asking him about that death instead of the World Cup itself.


Brother’s suspicions

On the other hand, Eric, the professional’s brother, said he was concerned because he fears that his brother may have been murdered since he even received threats during his stay in Qatar.

“My brother was healthy. He told me that he received death threats. I don’t think my brother just died. I think they killed him. And I just ask for any help, ”he recounted.