The complete FIFA 23 database: check all the players!

EA Sports has published on the official website the complete FIFA 23 database. All the players that will be included in the game and their statistics can now be consulted.

We come from a week where every day we have known different features and data. From the best of main european leagueseven the biggest players skilled either The fastest.

With the public opening of the database, the news of FIFA 23 does not end. Until its launch, different news will arrive. We still have to know the soccer player statistics including this year or other aspects of the Premier or the Bundesliga.

In any case, we already have the database at our disposal, so we can start building our wish listalthough everything will depend on the luck we have in the cards.

Of course, from Movistar eSports we always recommend open the envelopes with virtual money. In all cases. There may be a feeling that our team will be inferior in this way, but this is an inaccurate feeling. You can also get a good team with virtual currencies and by going to the transfer market.

The web and mobile app They will also arrive next week. On September 21, the app on our phones will be able to be updated and everything related to FIFA 23 will appear. We will even have the first Team of the Week of the game.

The game will hit stores globally on September 30th. Three days early, Ultimate Edition and EA Play Pro (PC) buyers will be able to play. The database can be consulted through this link.


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