The complaint that shakes Quinteros

The repercussions of the Super Cup continue. The leader of the national referee, Roberto Tobar, denounced Gustavo Quinteros before the ANFP Disciplinary Court for the coach’s constant questioning of the arbitration body. “Mr. Quinteros’ statements are very unfortunate,” declared Tobar a few days ago, in response to complaints from DT albo about the performance of referee Fernando Vejar in the 2023 Super Cup. Words, which today materialize in a formal complaint.

According to information from Thirdthe National Arbitration Commission chaired by Tobar, expressed their dissatisfaction with Quinteros’s words towards Judge Vejar and seek an exemplary punishment for what the institution defines as a “damage to the technical and moral authority of the referee, by trying to slide an impartiality towards the white team.”

The commission justifies its complaint before the Disciplinary Tribunal, for the words issued by Gustavo Quinteros after the defeat against Magallanes in the Super Cup. “I hope that the championship is not led by referees who are not trained, like this one (Fernando Vejar). On date 7 they elbowed Costa who did not charge. In their goal, the striker relies on Ramiro González. Every time he coaches us it’s hard to win a game. He has nothing with me, but he must have something against Colo Colo ”, was part of the statement issued by coach albo, which seeks to be sanctioned by the arbitration commission.

As stipulated in the regulation, the punishment of Quinteros can go from a verbal reprimand to a 50-match ban.