The commented and dangerous fail that Argentine players carried out in the midst of a massive reception in Buenos Aires

A particular situation occurred in the midst of the celebrations of the Argentine National Team, which arrived in Buenos Aires early Tuesday morning after consecrating itself as world champion in Qatar.

Everything arose after 3 in the morning, the time at which Messi and company arrived with a drink in the trans-Andean capital on a charter flight.

After arriving at the airport and in the midst of a crowd that was waiting for them, the coaching staff and the players went by bus to the Ezeiza sports complex.

And it was on that tour that some members of the squad had a tremendous scare when they were on board the vehicle. Just like that, since the roof of the transport was open, Ángel Di María, Nicolás Otamendi, Rodrigo de Paul, Leandro Paredes and Messi himself were about to collide with a cable.

As the bus moved forward, the five soccer players had to crouch down so as not to hit the aforementioned element head-on and thus prevent the situation from escalating. Even Leandro Paredes was the last to react and lost the hat he was wearing.

The particular moment, as expected, did not go unnoticed and went viral during the early hours of the morning through social networks.

It should be remembered that in Argentina it was declared a holiday this Tuesday so that the fans can celebrate with the players obtaining their third world title. In fact, thousands are already waiting at the Obelisk for the players to take a tour of the place to start the celebrations.

The commented fail of the Argentine players