The Colo Colo player who earned the hatred of Betis

There were pending accounts between Real Betis and Gabriel Costa. The player’s input Colo Colo against Sergio Canales in the friendly played in Concepción it did not leave the Europeans happy. That day, the ’10’ Betic had to be injured by said action. And in Vineyardhistory added another chapter.

Costa entered at the start of the second half for Marco Rojas and minutes later he had a meeting with Félix, a Betis centre-back, who did not like the way in which the Uruguayan-Peruvian went to play for the ball.

A clearance from behind Colo Colo caused the crossing. Costa and Felix They went to the divided play in which the Spanish anticipated, who received a blow with the colocolino’s elbow. This provoked the anger of the 18-year-old soccer player, who did not accept the apologies of ‘Gabi’, who wanted to immediately resolve the situation, but the Hispanic was not willing. He pointed at it and spoke to it. It seemed that everything was there, but no.

In a clearance of Rui Silva, Betis goalkeeper, Félix approached Costa and pushed him from behind when the play was in another sector. The white player looked at the assistant referee and told him to follow the behavior of his rival. “Watch out”, was the message of number 8 of Colo Colo.

With the passing of the minutes, the game was heating up. Borja Iglesias slapped Leonardo GilLuiz Henrique had a fight with a rival and Gustavo Quinteros was expelled for claimsBut the worst was about to happen.

Juan Miranda and Marcos Bolados they pushed and argued angrily. Result? Red for both… more Manuel Pellegrini. in an incomprehensible way, Piero Maza he ejected the Engineer when he only entered the pitch to calm the players down. In the mixed zone, neither Quinteros nor Pellegrini wanted to talk about the referee.

The second friendly between albos and béticos had several tense moments. Luckily, nothing happened to majors.