The Colo Colo 2023 plan: returns, departures and signings

Colo Colo won the title of the National Tournament and after the celebrations, he will start thinking about the future. There, a good role in the Copa Libertadores appears as the biggest challenge for 2023 and, for this reason, the squad will undergo significant variations.

those who return

In this item Williams Alarcón appears as the most important name. He went out in search of minutes to La Calera and got the status of national team, so despite the fact that the cement producers have a purchase option, he could fit into Gustavo Quinteros’ new squad.

Ignacio Jara and Bryan Soto added minutes at the hands of the current albo DT, but they wanted more continuity and emigrated to Unión and La Serena, respectively. None have been able to consolidate their ownership and will have to wait for a resolution from the coach.

Other projection names that will return to Macul after being in the Ascent are David Tati (Temuco), Danilo Díaz (Recoleta) Ethan Espinoza and Nicolás Garrido (Fernández Vial). All have added a considerable amount of minutes, but they will be evaluated.

Felipe Yáñez was also on loan, but in the First Division with Coquimbo, and has already added 1,475 minutes. The 17-year-old left-back is one of the youngsters with the greatest projection and a possible departure from Gabriel Suazo could open the door to the new campus.

those who could leave

Matías Zaldivia appears as the most emblematic. The defender has been in Colo Colo for seven years, but injuries have affected him. His contract ends at the end of the year and so far there are no signs of a possible renewal.

Gabriel Suazo He was in talks to extend the bond, but so far there is no news and as of December he could be a free player. The left-hander wants to emigrate to Europe and Galatasaray appears as the last interested party.

Oscar Opazo, meanwhile, his contract also ends in December, but a renewal could be more than feasible, since he has established himself as the undisputed starter.

Another complex case is that of Gabriel Costa. His future is unknown at the moment and everything will go through the white coach, who at times has managed to recover him and give him confidence.

A little clearer is the picture for two young people: Carlos Villanueva It has not had continuity and will not be renewed, so it will have to seek new horizons. Luciano Arriagadathe club’s ‘9’ promise never earned Quinteros’ trust and will leave for Atlético Paranaense.

What reinforcements sound in Macul?

Carlos Palacios is the name by which the leadership will go for the next season. Daniel Morón himself, sports manager, recognized it and the Vasco Da Gama player has already warned that he will analyze a proposal. “I will always be willing to listen to Colo Colo for a personal issue and for my family, because I’ve been a fan since I was little, but I have a contract here and I’m very happy”, he said in AS a couple of days ago.

The other great objective is a center forward, since in this second semester the DT has only had John Martin Lucero and in his absence he had to improvise with Marcos Bolados. At the time he was interested Leandro Benegas, but at that time the player discarded the option.

Other names? The search for a left back could also be a priority if Gabriel Suazo leaves and the names of Vicente Fernández (Palestinian) and Jorge Espejo (Cobreloa).