The Chilean player who got out of jail and will train in Argentinos

The ordeal of the Chilean-Argentine Luciano Cabral (27) it is coming to its end. After spending the last five years in prison for participating in a homicide, the player came out in conditional freedom and received help from Argentine Juniors, cast that formed it.

The social networks of the trans-Andean team announced that the steering wheel “He worked at the Sergio Daniel Batista Professional Soccer Center and began his personal training at El Semillero del Mundo, where he will stay.”

La Roja and its worst moment

In 2015, Cabral, whose maternal grandfather was Chilean, was nominated for Hugo Tocalli for play for the Red in the South American Sub 20 of 2015. At that time his career was on the rise with the T-shirt of Argentine Juniors, where he was a partner Juan roman riquelme, Y in 2016 he was transferred to Atlético Paranaense. There he managed to play six games, but a few months later his darkest moment would come.

In January 2017 he was involved in the death of Joan Villegas occurred in his native Mendoza during New Year’s Eve. In the end he was prosecuted as co-author of simple homicide and received a sentence of nine and a half years, while his father José, confessed author, received a sentence of 16 years.

“One of my dreams is to be able to play baseball again, if possible in Chile, and earn a place in the senior team and take it to a World Cup,” expressed a few months ago.