The Chilean jewel that leaves for Monterrey: “I am not going to return”

Through his social networks, Cobresal announced the renewal of Yodilan Cruz (18) until 2026. However, that was not the only news. The mining complex, in addition, reported that his talented youth was invited by Monterrey to carry out the preseason in December.

Football player, who made his professionalism debut at the age of 16 against Colo Colo at the Monumentalis already in Mexico, a country where he went with a clear objective.

“It was a long trip. From Santiago to Mexico City and from there to Monterrey. It is a city with a lot of humidity, ”Cruz says in the first moments of his talk with AS Chile.

“Until now I have had contact with leaders and coaching staff. They have received me very well. I have not seen Sebastián Vegas (Chilean player from Monterrey) yet ”, he adds.

– How did this opportunity come about?

– My representative gave me the news that an invitation had arrived and that it was for the entire month of December. I am very happy because it is a great opportunity and I hope to do my best and hopefully stay here. After the end of the year parties that will be defined.

– What expectations do you have about this trip? It will be all new for you…

– I have things clear. It depends on me that I can stay here and that I am not going to return.

– Is there anything that impressed you during your first hours in Mexico?

– The sports center of the club. It’s gigantic, top notch. I really want to stay here and learn.

– What did your colleagues from Cobresal tell you when you told them the news?

– Nobody knew about this (laughs). They found out through the club’s social networks. Now they started writing to me to wish me the best and to ask me why I hadn’t told them (laughs).

– And what did he answer?

– That I didn’t say anything so that it would be carried out properly and because I don’t like to rush things forward.

– How was the family’s reaction when you told them?

– It was a tremendous joy for everyone, because it is an opportunity that not everyone is given. At this age, coming abroad… they are hoping that I will do well and that I can stay.

– And how was the farewell?

– It was the hardest, because I don’t like goodbyes (laughs). Everyone crying, but at the same time happy (laughs).

– I take you to what happened this year. What is the balance of your season?

– The ‘Teacher’ (Gustavo Huerta) had a good season, I didn’t have as many minutes, but I kept training and motivating my teammates. I was considered in several games and that is also good. With the passing of the years I already feel better, more accustomed to being part of a team. He did me good debuting so young, because I matured.