The champion of America who could reach the U: they opted for Poblete and Vargas

Independiente del Valle is the team of the moment after winning the Copa Sudamericana and its star player was close to playing in the U. It is about Lorenzo Faravelli, steering wheel of the Ecuadorian cast, who at the beginning of the year was in the blue folder.

The connection was through Louis Roger, who in those days outlined the squad for the 2022 season. The sports manager was an advanced connoisseur of the Ecuadorian market and had coincided with Faravelli at IDV, so his qualities met all expectations to lead the university midfield. In addition, the hiring of DT Santiago Escobar paved the signing. The coach came from a good step by Catholic University of Quito and also knew of its characteristics and virtues.

For all this, the expectations with his possible arrival were high. “I could easily compare it to how Gustavo Lorenzetti played in the U. In the great moments that the U had with Sampaoli, he was a key piece”, he affirmed to As Dagoberto Currimilla, who shared with the trans-Andean player in Spanish Union.

Frustrated signing

the player had contract until the end of 2023 and his pass was priced at $1.5 million, figure that was considered high in the blue cast, mainly because the footballer was 28 years old at that time and the option of selling it again was very difficult.

In addition, the player was very settled in Valley Independent and this has been shown this season. In the South American Cup they just got played seven games and scored three goals, as well as being the leading midfield player. For his part, in the local league he has totaled 19 games and five goals.

In the end, the U had to opt for names from the national market to shore up that area of ​​the field and the chosen ones were Israel Poblete and Jeisson Vargas. The former has been a permanent starter, while the former UC has not met expectations.