the CGT of the “sky station attendants” calls for a renewable strike from March 6

The refuellers of the whole of France, responsible for supplying the planes with fuel, are called to go on renewable strike from Monday evening against the pension reform project, indicated the CGT, which presents itself as the first union in the this industry as a whole. The impact on air transport “can be immediate”, declared Wednesday to AFP Pierre Dalles, CGT union representative of the TotalEnergies Michelet site, in Toulouse: “We must declare 48 hours before the number of strikers”, reminds t -il, which allows oil companies and airlines to have an idea of ​​the disruptions to be expected for air traffic.

The “extreme arduousness” of the profession

The appeal, decided on Tuesday, concerns the companies GPA, Fas, Skytanking, Sasca, Sap, TotalEnergies, Avitair and WFS, present in the airports of Roissy, Orly, Le Bourget, Beauvais, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Tarbes, Perpignan, Nantes, Lille, Strasbourg, Rennes, Nîmes, Brest, Nice, Toussus, according to the CGT leaflet. “From March 6, all actions must be put in place to disrupt or stop the boarding of airline fuels”, supports the CGT, which will be followed by other unions, according to Pierre Dalles.

The union underlines the “extreme arduousness” of the profession, whose employees work in shifts, “in atypical hours and at night”, which increases the risk of contracting certain diseases. The hardship is recognized in this profession, where it is currently possible to leave with five years of anticipation, that is to say at the earliest at 55 years old, “if we exceed 31 years of shifts”, indicated Pierre Dalles.

“The more we will increase our working time in shifts, the earlier we will die, and it does not pass,” he concludes. The CGT Federation of Chemistry, on which the refineries but also the refuellers depend, had already called for a renewable strike from Monday evening for the “shutdown of the country”, but the refuellers had not yet formally relayed this call.