the CGT calls the garbage collectors to the renewable strike from March 7

The CGT on Tuesday launched a call for a renewable strike by garbage collectors and “the entire waste industry” from the national day of action on March 7 against the pension reform project and the two-year postponement. of the legal retirement age. “The CGT federations of public services and transport call (…) in all companies, public establishments and communities to meet (…) to prepare for the strike in the sectors of waste and household waste collection, sorting and processing of waste, from March 7 and until the withdrawal of the bill”, they indicate in a joint press release.

Only union (so far) to launch the call

It is for the moment the only union to launch this call, but the CGT is in the majority for example in Paris, whether among municipal garbage collectors and those of the private sector, recalls François Livartowski, federal secretary of the CGT-public services. The collection and sorting sector is shared between the public service, managed by the local authorities, which depend on the federation of public services, and the private sector (companies such as Veolia, Derichebourg and Nicollin), whose workers are organized by the federation of transport.

“It is our contribution, our participation in the call of the inter-union for the blocking of the economy”, he declared to AFP, indicating that the CGT will address the other trade union federations of the sector to broaden the call, “since we are in the dynamics of the national inter-union”. “Two more years of work would, for a large part of us, be the risk of dying before retirement, or shortly after. Faced with such disregard for our careers, our jobs, our lives , it is time for a response and general mobilization”, conclude the two federations.