The Canadian cover of the new Modern Warfare 2 translates Xbox as PlayStation in French

Nice news to end Friday. As you know, today the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been released worldwide, leaving hundreds of thousands of players hooked throughout this weekend. We have already been able to test it, and as you will see in our review in the next few hours, with the multiplayer analysis included, it is absolutely excellent. But we couldn’t help but smile when we saw this tweet.

Because you have to take it with humor, but the joke tells itself. Call of Duty wants to be so strong on PlayStation that even those who translate the phrases on the covers of the game change Xbox like PlayStation. Here in Spain, sometimes the console, whatever the brand, is called “la plei”. Will the same thing happen to them? Look at the image:

A funny but rather inconvenient mistake

With the enormous controversy generated by the acquisition of Activision and therefore the Call of Duty franchise by Microsoft, the occurrence of this kind of error is something that could not go unnoticed. Obviously, it is something that has no importance, but the case is still curious, since in Canada they handle both English and French, and by wanting to show the same phrase in both languages, Xbox magically becomes PlayStation.

Of course, all this must be taken as a joke, because nobody should care about this little mistake. But it is still striking: in French there is no Xbox? Have they copied the phrase from the PS5 cover? We will surely never know and the Canadian covers of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be eternally marked by the meme. It doesn’t matter if you buy the game on Xbox, PlayStation is always there…