The Callisto Protocol will receive new patches soon

The Callisto Protocol has had a questionable launch given the large number of bugs that the game presents, mainly on PC. Given this, Striking Distance Studios have been releasing a series of patches to solve the different problems on PC and consoles, and more would arrive soon according to what they announced through Twitter.

As they published during this Sunday “There are patches published for all consoles that should correct the frame rate and the blocking problems that some of you have reported”, adding that “we are listening, working hard in updates and we’ll have details to share about more upcoming enhancements early this week. Thank you for your patience”.

In the responses to the message, several users have posted the problems they are having with the game, with the studio responding that they are working on fixing the different bugs.

We want to clear up any confusion: Ray traced shadows are supported and look great on Xbox Series X. However, we are aware of the issues with ray traced reflections that we are having. More information will arrive this week. We appreciate your patience and support”, says one of the messages from the study.

The Callisto Protocol was launched last December 2 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.