The Cacique is armed for the next season: Fernando de Paul is just one signature away from being the new Colo Colo goalkeeper

Fernando de Paul is chosen for the Colo Colo arc. The goalkeeper, who this season defended Everton and finished with the second least beaten fence in the National Championship, with 24 goals conceded in 27 games (eight of them without conceding), is one step away from becoming the Cacique’s new goal . Tuto ended his contract with Everton and arrives at Macul as a free player, an aspect that allowed the conversations to be smoothed out.

The arrival of the exporter from Universidad de Chile responds to the need to reinforce the team with a level player for the challenges of next season, mainly thinking about the Copa Libertadores. Likewise, The concrete possibility of Brayan Cortés going abroad made the coaching staff and the leadership think of a goalkeeper who is ready to take over as the starter and thus the goal does not suffer in the face of an eventual departure from 1 albo.

“My dream is to play in Europe. In Colo Colo I am very comfortable and happy, but I want to go for more. It is time to go one step further. I really like the Spanish league.” The northerner advanced, in an interview with DirecTV, on Sunday night.

Even if the sale of the North American does not materialize in this transfer market, the intention is for De Paul to fight inch by inch for the position and that Cortés does not relax. “I don’t know who is leaving or who is staying. If Fernando de Paul arrives it would be a nice competition in the goal. He has experience playing in big teams, ”said the Colocolino goalkeeper in the same conversation.

In fact, precisely that experience in big teams is a plus that the goalkeeper brings and that is highly valued by both the coaching staff and the sports manager. The latter was also something that Cristopher Toselli liked, the other targeted candidate, but De Paul’s high level this season tipped the scales in his favor.

Likewise, the Chilean nationalized Argentine knows the work methodology of Jorge Martínez, the Cacique’s goalkeeper coachsince both trained together in a private way during the first months of the pandemic and before the professional joined Gustavo Quinteros’ coaching staff.

Faced with the imminent arrival of Fernando de Paul, Colo Colo’s goal will have a rearrangement, according to Quinteros’ wishes, since Cortés and De Paul will fight for the title, while the third goalkeeper will be Eduardo Villanueva, which is the great project of the club in the goal for the next few years. The intention is that little by little he gains experience in the first team.

Against this, Omar Carabalí and Julio Fierro will have to go out on loan to add the minutes that they will not have in the Cacique. The first, 25 years old, played three games for the National Tournament, two in Copa Chile and another in the Libertadores, and alternated good performances with others where he was a must. While the U17 World Cup player, now 20 years old, did not see action in the season.