The brutal aggression of Samuel Eto’o to a fan in Qatar that goes around the world

Samuel Eto’o starred in an unfortunate scene on Monday night during the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The former soccer player and current president of the Cameroon Federation had attended to see the duel between Brazil and South Korea for the round of 16 of the competition and everything was in order until leaving the stadium.

There he met a series of fans who began to surround him to ask for photographs, this was going well until one in particular approached with a camera in hand to face him.

After a word exchange, Eto’o lost control and went to rebuke him while some people tried to stop him. At the same time, another person managed to take the camera from the fan and then came the worst.r.

The ex-Barcelona soccer player managed to get them to release him and went quickly against the fan who was picking up the camera that had been thrown to the ground. When he got to him, he ended up kicking him in the chest before retreating..

According to the latest information collected by the international press, the victim of Eto’o’s attack is an Algerian YouTuber who had approached the leader to ask him about Bakary Gassama, referee of the controversial playoff match between Algeria and Cameroon.

They have also made it known that through his YouTube channel he has denounced that he suffered several injuries from the beatings, in addition that they ended up destroying the camera and the microphone he was carrying, for which he asks that if anyone saw the scene go to testify on your behalf.

One of the witnesses who was there was the journalist Ricardo López, who works for the outlet La Opinión that made the video go viral. The professional spoke with the program El Larguero de Cadena Ser from Spain in which he recounts the moment.

“I didn’t understand what they were saying. I heard Eto’o exchanging words with the fan in an angry tone. It began to chase him out of control. They took the camera from the fan and that’s where Eto’o makes the mistake. Instead of leaving, he kicks her.”.

And López himself was saved from being attacked. “I wanted to see what had happened, but Eto’o came towards me, he imagined that I was recording, he confronted me for that and he thought that he was going to attack me. I asked him what happened and he couldn’t say how angry he was. Those who were with him took him away”, he continued.