The blow to the table prepared by the coach of the Red: the first face to face of Eduardo Berizzo with the Golden Generation

Eduardo Berizzo prepares his first face-to-face with the Golden Generation. The Argentine will deliver the first official list of him as strategist for the Red thinking about the friendlies that will be played against Morocco and Qatar, on September 23 and 27, respectively. It took more than 10 years for Toto to meet again with the referents of the Everyone’s Team. This time, however, he will do it as the head of a coaching staff and not as Marcelo Bielsa’s assistant, as in the 2010 National Team.

The truth is that the list of those mentioned will have most of the players who have carried the weight of the National Team’s recent campaigns. Alexis Sánchez, Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel and Mauricio Isla will be considered. Eduardo Vargas will not be summoned. The name of Claudio Bravo, meanwhile, is in doubt.

Bravo, a few weeks ago, made clear his distance from the Berizzo process. “Berizzo has not called me to Chile. We have not had any contact, it does not depend on me, but on my performance, on how I feel at the club and the idea that the coach has of whether it is beneficial for me to continue in this process.said the goalkeeper.

Then he puffed out his chest. “Internationally, there is no other teammate who is outstanding in my position and my name will surely appear there.but it will depend on the coach’s intention for the next World Cup”, he warned.

At the appointment, the strategist will hit the table. It will be clear in your speech: there will be no summons to the National Team for his resume. He will evaluate the present of each of the players in their respective clubs and the one who does not meet his demands will not be considered for future nominations.

“I would not separate players of one age or another, you arrive at the national team with performance, if you are constant and show high performance, you come. We will need everyone and an absolute commitment to be and be part of the process, that is what I am aiming for. Those of us who do, are going to pay attention to many young people, ”she said a few months ago.

The strategist has deepened his analysis. “He now brings you here, nobody is good yesterday. And for me there are no ages. A 20-year-old footballer can also play and do as well as a 35-year-old. He won’t have the experience, but if he has the level, he will be there. My gaze is set on the adult I know, but also on the young person I must analyze, recognize and try”.

In that sense, Berizzo will also add young people to this friendly tour. During the last four microcycles that he has carried out since he arrived in Chile, the DT has evaluated in a good way players who are active in local soccer and who appear as the future of Chile. Darío Osorio (University of Chile), Lucas Assadi (University of Chile), Bruno Barticciotto (Palestinian), Gonzalo Tapia (Catholic University), Alexander Aravena (Ñublense), among others. He will be accompanied by young talents who are already active in Europe, such as Marcelino Núñez, Ben Brereton, Tomás Alarcón and Nayel Mehssatou.

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