“The blessing”: Felipe Flores revealed an anecdote with Esteban Paredes after his goal against Colo-Colo

The Academy striker was the author of the transitory tie, which later helped them win on penalty kicks.

Colo-Colo and Magallanes faced each other for the Easy Super Cup 2023, where one of the figures of the meeting was a trainee at Casa Alba. Is about Felipe Flores, who had the joy of scoring his first goal for the team of his loves, minutes later to get another trophy with the Carabaleros.

After a good cross from the young striker, Manuel Vicuna, “The one with the important goals” connected the ball with a great header, beating Ramiro Gonzalez in the jump Despite the fact that it was claimed on several occasions that the score by the 36-year-old gunner had been the result of a foul, Judge Fernando Vejar He didn’t go to check it out.

And after the meeting FF17 talked with redgoalwhere he revealed a wonderful anecdote he had with Stephen Walls regarding his score at the Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar.

The blessing of the everlasting scorer

The native of Quilicura began by recounting that, on a visit to the National Association of Professional Football of Chile (ANFP), this story began. “We went to the presentation of the shirt, that’s why it was the anecdote“. Later, he added that the tribute to the idol of the Cacique was found, “and there is the star of Esteban Paredes“, where later the magic would happen.

I touched it and told those around me that I had Esteban’s blessing to score a goal today. And it served. He had played five times against Colo-Colo and had never scored, ”said the scorer of the tie that led Magallanes to penalties, where they would become Super Cup champions.

Finally, he also made it clear that he felt mixed emotions, taking into account his love for Popular, but at the same time, for defending the colors of the bunch of carnations.

I have mixed feelingsI tried to do my best so that Magallanes would win and be champion. This is so, I am very fond of Colo-Colo, I am a fan of the club. But when it comes to entering the field I have to defend my team, I am a professional. I tried to play it in my style and add my grain of sand, ”she finished.