“The best gift is… being alive!”: Claudia Conserva reappears with a new photo and touching birthday message

Seven months after announcing his cancer diagnosis, Claudia Preserves He published a new photo and an emotional message this Thursday, on the occasion of his 49th birthday.

“A birthday where the best gift is… being alive! And not only that, full of love and good vibes for my recovery,” wrote the television host, who is battling breast cancer.

Claudia’s birthday was notified yesterday by her husband Juan Carlos Chicken Valdivia, who also published a beautiful photo and affectionate words: “Let’s go, we can! I love you life partner. Happy birthday Claudia Marcela”.

Grateful for her family

“Thank you all, it feels good to read nice things and that helps a lot to cheer up,” continued the former host of the program. milf.

In that sense, he first thanked his beloved, Chicken Valdivia, “for your patience and love” and her children Renato and Matilda “for filling me with light and for existing.”

He also thanked his sister, Fran Conserva, “for making me laugh and taking my photo”; to her mother, María Liliana Pérez (“Mamá Pasca”), with whom she hopes “to toast soon; and to his brother, Renzo, “for always bringing the speaker and playing music.”

Claudia Conserva’s touching birthday message: