The best baby seats

Non-parents couldn’t believe how many different seats a baby needs. Whether it’s a trundle, dining, play, rocking or portable chair, children need a wide variety of them at different stages of growth.

That is why today we bring you our special selection of many models of various types of these. Thus, we hope to make the always difficult task of finding the best for your child a little easier.

Options for all tastes

The first of our nest chairs It’s Mickey Mouse’s chair. This blue fabric chair has a design based on this popular Disney character. In addition, it includes two plastic mobiles for the little one to play and be entertained.

This baby nest chair is comfortable, but at the same time it does not take up much space. At the same time, it is easy to assemble and use so you can quickly transport it on any trip.

This chair can also be found in a pink design especially made for girls, where Minnie Mouse appears instead of Mickey.

other model of nest chairs that has been known to stand out is the Baby Way Fuchsia. This girls chair features a soft fabric padded seat with removable headrest and bow.

In addition, it comes with three padded plush toys and can gently vibrate while playing soothing melodies.

To finish with nest chairs, We present the Cosco Blue Paradise. Its colorful design is perfect for stimulating your child’s visual development, while its ergonomic seat will be perfect for sitting or lying down.

The compact folding system of this chair makes both storage and transport very easy. In addition, it has fabric and plastic for extra fast washing.

We will start with a traditional rocking chair, the Baby Rocking from Kidscool. Its rounded base makes it an excellent rocking nest chair. It guarantees easy handling and its non-slip rubber feet allow safe rocking.

The Baby Rocking is a multifunctional chair that changes according to the growth of your child. At first it can be used as a cradle, then as a rocking chair and finally as a chair for children up to 3 years old.

But we can’t talk about baby nest chairs Not to mention electric rocking chairs. These particular models offer remote controlled automatic movement and other cool features.

An example of these is Nuna’s Leaf Grow Blush. This chair has a very modern design that, in addition to being fully functional, can be seen as another piece of decoration.

It features three reclining positions and can be moved up, down and rocked everywhere. The mesh backing of it will give your child a cool swing on hot days. In addition, it includes three toys that hang on its upper pole: a rabbit, a tree and a cloud.

Now we will talk about the baby dining chairs. This type of chairs presents the additional issue that in addition to adapting to the needs of your baby, they have to do the same with the space of your kitchen.

The brand that designed the first of our chairs fully understood this. We are talking about the Eden baby chair. Its Nordic-style design makes it not only a great chair, but also a modern and elegant piece of furniture.

Regarding its functionality, these baby dining chairs They have a rounded edge to prevent damage from knocks and a super-resistant metal structure with a melamine-textured finish.

Additionally, its fastening spring system makes its assembly very simple and the smoothness of its material makes washing an easy task.

our next baby eating chair it’s the babyblo desk chair. This gigantic chair can be converted into a desk in two quick movements so that your baby can play.

Its 5-point safety harness and the multiple positions of its backrest will allow your child to find the perfect position for their comfort.

While all chairs are portable to a greater or lesser extent, some have this feature as the centerpiece of their design. This makes them perfect for parents who have to move their children a lot or on vacation.

The first one is the portable high chair of the Infanti brand. This is one of the most compact chairs available on the market, measuring just 26 cm wide and 43 cm long. This makes it perfect for transporting in a car or backpack.

Being made entirely of high-quality plastic, the Infanti chair can be cleaned very easily. This differentiates it from its fabric or wood counterparts, which can be more difficult to clean.

To finish, we bring you a selection of offers for all the types of chairs that we talked about earlier. Any of the ones we mention now have a discount of more than 40%.

We’ll start with the baby nest chair Grow With Me by Winfun. The neutral design of this chair would make it perfect for both boys and girls. In addition, it has a series of hanging stuffed animals included with which your baby can play.

On the other hand, the Look Pink chair by Voyage appears as a perfect example of ultra resistant chairs. Its metal structure with reinforced plastic details will offer you a product that will last for years.

Is dining chair It has wheels to improve its mobility and additionally its assembly and disassembly can be done quickly.

The last chair we will talk about on this occasion is the Swing chair by Infanti. Its suspended seat allows your baby to be rocked with minimal effort. In addition, it can play melodies or sounds of nature so that your baby can sleep with background music at all times.

Among all the wonderful options that we present to you today, surely you have found one that is perfect for your baby. But if you still want to keep looking, in Falabella’s online store you can find a wide variety of additional options.