The best astronomy photos of 2022

The strange photograph of a piece of the gas tail of Comet Leonard, disconnected from it and dragged by the solar wind, has earned the photographer Gerald Rhemann to win the title of Astrophotographer Of The Year 2022, granted by the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

The stunning image of Leonard’s Rhemann, a long-period comet first identified in January 2021, was captured in Namibia on Christmas Day. The snapshot stunned the judges, who voted unanimously to award Rhemann the contest’s top award in this, its 14th edition. “When I first saw this image of the comet I was blown away. It has been captured beautifully and the stars in the background give the comet’s tail a magical look. I could look at her all day”, declares the contest judge Melissa Brobby,

Other winning photos include an image of the Northern Lights reflected in a frozen lake in Iceland; one of the best images ever taken of a lunar crater, an ethereal snapshot of the Helix Nebula, which resembles an eye that seems to look at Earth and a photograph that tracks how the sunspots of our star king move during the year. We show you all of them along with the rest of the winning photographs in each of the contest categories.


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