The B side in the disappointment of the U: the most criticized and new messages

In one of the worst presentations of Universidad de Chile so far this year, the team led by Diego López equalized with Coquimbo Unido, the bottom team in the tournament. Despite the awkward start time of the game, just under 7,000 people came to the Elías Figueroa Brander stadium in Valparaíso.

The ‘applause meter’

The blue fans received their team with applause, but when training one by one, three took the applause of the bias: Luis Casanova, Lucas Assadi and Darío Osorio. And the pifias? Only one: Yonathan Andía, the ones he repeated when he was replaced by Israel Poblete.

The yellow of the ‘Nano’

The first stoppage of the match was produced by a support by Luis Casanova on Ignacio Jeraldino. The forward of the Coquimbo cast remained on the ground for a few minutes and there were no signs of a card, until Fernando Díaz spoke with the first line judge, who minutes later called Roberto Tobar. Consequence? He admonished Casanova.

The leaders, again targeted

The more than 6,500 fans of the U did not miss the opportunity to point out Azul Azul. “Let’s see if they realize that nobody wants them”, was the song that was sung the most in Playa Ancha. In addition, there were -as in almost every day- canvases pointing to the management of the concessionaire headed by Michael Clark.

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