The anger of Gustavo Quinteros that keeps Colo Colo on alert

On January 15, Colo Colo will officially start the season when they face Magallanes for the local Super Cupmatches that face the champion of the National Championship and the Chilean Cup of the previous year.

Two weeks after the premiere Gustavo Quinteros is worried. The coach considered that this was the season to arm himself well and fight something important at the South American level, but for that the first objective was to maintain the base of the champion team.

That clearly has not happened. The Cacique lost Oscar Opazo (who already signed at Racing Club), gabriel suazo (still looking for a club in Europe) and Gabriel Costa (ready in Alianza Lima), replacing only the left back thanks to the arrival of Erick Wiemberg.

Quinteros, who has had twists and turns in the last two and a half years with sports management, is already beginning to get impatient. Although the dialogue is fluid with Daniel Moron and the board of directors, it is difficult for him to understand that level replacements for the players who emigrated have not yet arrived.

Lucero’s alert

Worse still, Juan Martín Lucero has begun to sound in Brazil and the Argentine coach does not want to know anything about it. In fact, he comments to those close to him how difficult it has been to bring in a substitute striker, exemplifying the situation of LAndro Benegasso you don’t even want to imagine how complicated it would be to carry a ‘9’ scorer.

From Macul they point to AS that Quinteros has been as motivated as ever with his players (who this week resumed work), but that behind bars he has been seen a little more restless with the situation of the reinforcements and the delay. Although nobody expects a resignation ad portas to start the 2023 season, they do believe that he could hit the table hard if they do not comply with what was requested.

Morón and Blanco & Negro are already in the countdown to the start of the next campaign and they know that they are lacking for the Copa Libertadores. Will they be able to meet Quinteros’ demands in the short term?