The ANFP detailed the name of the controllers of the Chilean soccer clubs

In a study related to the allocation of Club Licensesthe ANFP detailed the name of the controllers of the Chilean soccer clubs, institutions that are mainly managed by Public Limited Companies.

The information to which you had access The Third Newspaper, details, for example, that In Colo Colo, the majority of the shares of Blanco y Negro belong to Leonidas Vial, who has 50.5 percent ownership, followed by Aníbal Mosa with 36.1, and Triple Ltda, owned by Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle.

In the U, meanwhile, Tactical Sport dominates with 63.8 percent of the shares of Azul Azul, being 90% of these titles owned by the Sartor Group. For his part, DSE Real Estate Ltd., of Daniel Schapira, has 21.4%, while almost a tenth is from minority shareholders.

In the case of Universidad Católica, it is surprising that 77.2 percent of Cruzados belongs to minority shareholders, while 12.9% continue to be part of the Universidad Católica Sports Club.

In the rest of the teams, it stands out that the former striker Sergio Gioino has 69.5 percent ownership of Ñublense, while in Audax Italiano Gonzalo Cilleyowns 98.7 of the papers.

The case of Huachipato is one of the most striking, since Victoriano Cerda has only 1 percent of the shares, while 49% belongs to Club Deportivo. On the other half of the property, it is noted that it is “to be subscribed.”