The Age of Empires II saga comes to Xbox and exceeds expectations

The company’s longest-running real-time strategy game Microsoft reinvents itself. Is about Ages of Empires which, after more than two decades, returns to position itself as the best video game on the Xbox console.

in the version Age of Empires II Definitive Edition For Xbox, time suited him too well, as the developers not only improved the scenarios; They also opted for a better interface than the one exposed in 2019 for their computer or PC version.

Age of Empires II it was custom built for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Unlike its classic version, released in 1999, players will know that when they start a game they will be immersed in a battle in real time. It is a premise that Microsoft wanted to establish from the beginning.

A second incentive for fans of Age of Empires is that, if you had already purchased the game for PC, you will not have to purchase it again for Xbox. Likewise, if you unlock an achievement for PC, it will automatically be reflected on the console and vice versa.

Some netizens have suggested that, unlike the PC version, which can be easier when creating scenarios with the help of the keyboard and mouse, the new command section of Xbox It will take you by the hand to interact more quickly with the video game.

The important thing, according to Microsoft, is that the premise has not changed. You will choose a civilization, a type of map, you will extract resources and you will invest in technologies to grow, both in explored or governed terrain, as well as in the number of combat units and buildings but, now, in 4K quality

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this new experience?