The 7 young people who broke into 2022 and will animate the market

The 2022 National Championship concluded. Colo Colo lifted the trophy again after five years, Ñublense and Curicó achieved historic steps to the Copa Libertadores and four other casts also qualified for the South American Cup. However, the season also left the appearance of seven young Under 21 figures, who found a space as a result of the internal regulations of the Chilean tournament and with the passing of the dates they achieved continuity on their own merit.

Darío Osorio, Lucas Assadi, Vicente Pizarro, Clemente Montes and Gonzalo Tapia Due to their constant inclusion in the formations of the country’s great clubs, they are surely in the consideration of many fans. But there were other emerging youngsters, to whom the contest regulations initially guaranteed their presence from the start in each game and they responded fully, with good performances.

The ‘Barti’ of La Cisterna

Around mid year, Bruno Barticciotto He chose to return to Palestino after a semester under expectations at UC, also encouraged by his previous good cycle at La Cisterna. It was not a wrong decision. The son of Marcelo Barticciotto conquered the ownership and achieved hegemony in the offensive operation. It was embedded in the positional dynamics of the attacking duo together with Maxi Halls, in game system 1-4-4-2 for which he opted for DT Gustavo Costas. He started in the 14 games he played and closed the year with the excellent mark of 7 goals. As expected also because of the history of his father in Colo Colo, he has dreamed to reach the Monumental.

Center with projection

For Jonathan Villagra, 2022 was the year of consolidation. The Unión Española center-back had insinuated, during the previous season, striking attributes of the game and in this campaign he continued his football evolution. He was the starting defender and around his figure they alternated Manuel Fernandez and Thomas Galdames. He advanced in his development as a fast defender, agile in duels and safe with the ball, especially in the actions from the beginning of the game from the last line. He doesn’t have the characteristic height of a centre-back, but he survives aerial disputes by good placement and timing to win the spot before the opponent starts the jump. Eduardo Berizzo included him in the payroll of the Red Sub 23 and made his debut for Chile in the friendly against Peru that was played in Iquique.

unexpected archer

From less to more. This is how the performance of the young person can be cataloged Thomas Smoked in the arch of Audax. He burst in due to the injury of the starter Joaquín Muñoz and as a valid option to comply with the Under 21 rule. The DT Juan Jose Rivera he trusted the attributes of the youth squad and time proved him right. In the good campaign of the Floridians that led them to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana, Ahumada contributed security, correct footwork, agility in the stretches and confidence in progression to improve at the start, the most complex foundation of the position. The feeling is that Audax has a reliable and growing goalkeeper for years to come.

Maturity in Chillán

The case of Alexander Aravena was also striking. The one trained at UC went on loan to Ñublense, as a result of the lack of opportunities in the crossed cast, and in Chillán he became one of the outstanding players of the 2022 National Championship. Of course, the southern team had a remarkable campaign, accessing for the first time to the group stage of the Libertadores, but the attacker also shone on his own. Originally a centre-forward, under the leadership of Jaime García, he exhibited plasticity to also act on the wings, providing good handling of the ball to prevail in duels, appropriate speed for the function of pointer and a quota of goals more typical of the men of the axis of the attack.

northern polyfunctional

Ivan Contreras He appeared in the middle of Cobresal’s excellent campaign, which allowed him to enter the South American Championship, with an outstanding game trait highly valued by the coaching staff: multifunctionality. The one born in El Salvador, but trained in Colo Colo, wandered through all the defense posts and fully complied. However, he acted mostly as a left back and exhibited pertinent defensive control of the area of ​​action, reliable support mainly in the gestation stage and a scenic dominance on the pitch that expressed many more years of experience. 2022 was the best year of his career with 21 games played (14 starts), which marks a contrast from the previous year when he only entered four games.

curicano talent

Philip Ortiz was able to earn a space in the context of a team that had the best campaign in its history and this obviously enhances the good performance that, in 2022, the midfielder from Curico. The albirrojos finished in third position, so they will play the preliminary sentence of the Libertadores. The youth squad is an offensive midfielder with a permanent interest in the ball, his specificity is his qualifications and, in view of his size, he appeals to constant mobility to enter the game. He showed interest and attributes to, in the development of the actions, also intervene as a mixed midfielder, with the demands of deployment and defensive resources demanded.

La Calera World Cup

César Pérez generated surprise at the end of February when he left Magallanes to sign at La Calera. The Under 17 World Cup player in Brazil 2019 joined the squad to also contribute to compliance with the Under 21 rule and his performance met all expectations. In full condition he was a permanent starter in midfield as a midfielder with a wide range and permanent and simple interventions with the ball. His strength is instilling rhythm and intensity in the middle of the playing field and his presence did not go unnoticed in the Calerano cast.

steel project

He turned 20 in July, but Joaquin Gutierrez He already completed his third season in professionalism. With 25 games played, 2022 was the year with the highest participation of the right back in Huachipato. It is a top scorer in evolution to maximize its performance in the defensive function and its contribution transcends in the collective work of attack. He is permanently projected on offense, wins the bottom line and looks for qualifications towards the center, to the definition zone. He scored two goals, repeating the figure of the previous campaign, and also acted as a lane when the DT Mario Chambers he leaned towards the 1-3-5-2 game system in the steel cast.