The 6 ‘protected’ of Miranda

The second cycle of Sebastián Miranda as interim coach of the U has begun. The former winger works thinking about his first challengethis Thursday, when I visit Palestinian at the Municipal Stadium of La Cisterna.

The coach has been practicing different things in recent days and, as AS learned, he has been using the same formula from the first semester: lots of talk with his players, specific instructions and looking for several to regain confidence.

Although Miranda An 11 that could be defined as the absolute starter to face the Arabs has not yet stopped, if there are some who look favorably on this new stage in the U.

They are, particularly, the group of players that remained in the starting lineup during the four games that the former footballer led in the first round. Although there were seven, there are six who remain in the club.

Miranda’s 7 undisputed players

1) Hernan Galindez: The Ecuadorian-Argentinean always remained Miranda’s ‘1’.

two) Bastian Tapia: He played with José María Carrasco and Ignacio Tapia, but the blue youth squad was always behind the strategist.

3) Daniel Navarrete: With Yonathan Andía at a low level, the interim opted for the side formed in the U.

4) Marcelo Morales: Beyond the criticism, the coach gave him confidence in closing the first round.

5) Philip Seymour: The blues still did not have Emmanuel Ojeda and Miranda opted for the captain to the detriment of Álvaro Brun during those four games.

6) Luis Philip Gallegos: In both 4-3-1-2 and 4-3-3, the left-hander was a regular inside left in the manager’s midfield.

7) Ronnie Fernandez: The companions changed, but the former Santiago Wanderers was always the reference for the former Unión and UC winger, among others.

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