The 5 B players who must return to Colo Colo

The Tournament of Ascent has come to an end and with it several promises that were assigned in casts of the category will return to their teams. In the case of colo colo, There are four young people who will arrive at the Monumental in the next few days and who will try to convince Gustavo Quinteros for 2023.

“There are players who return, who at the time I asked to stay, I spoke with them, but they left and now they come back. I would be interested in them staying, but there are others who will come out again, it has already been decided. I am clear about everything we have to do, ”said the DT in his last conference.

1. David Tati (20 years old)

The right back experienced his second loan. Last year he played in the University of Concepcion and in this tournament he was part of the team of Temuco. In the south he found continuity and added 21 games as a starter. He stood out despite the fact that his team finished in tenth place and now he will look for a chance in Macul. However, his position appears well covered with Oscar Opazo, Jeyson Rojas and Bruno Gutierrez, although a game of ‘Torta’, who ends his contract, could change the landscape.

2. Nicolas Garrido (20 years old)

The defender debuted last year in Colo Colo, but for this tournament he reached Fernandez Road. Although he started as a starter, little by little he began to lose space in a team that could never find solutions and ended up losing the category. Total he added 21 games, 15 of them in the starting eleven. In principle, Colo Colo could lose Matías Zaldivia in the defensive zone, although Ramiro González appears as a possible reinforcement, which could once again take away a place.

3. Ethan Espinoza (21 years old)

The talented midfielder also descended with Fernández Vial, although in his case he played much more than Nicolás Garrido. He totaled 29 games, 19 of them as a starter, and converted two goals. He showed glimpses of his talent and his skills as a winger could open up a new opportunity for him at the Monumental. In 2021 he was in Barnechea, where he added another 26 games, so he returns with a lot of experience.


Ethan Espinoza (on the left) will look for a chance at Colo Colo 2023. He added a good number of minutes at Vial.PEDRO TAPIA /PHOTOSPORTPEDRO TAPIA/PHOTOSPORT

4. Danilo Diaz (20 years old)

The young man only added 27 minutes in the remembered game that Colo Colo played with youth against Audax Italiano. This 2022 had several offers from Ascenso casts, but finally he chose to go to Recoleta and there he complied. He played 23 games, 16 of them as a starter, and became an important part of Felipe Núñez’s scheme. Despite the fact that the team suffered during the tournament, it was saved, so Díaz will return to the Cacique with his mission accomplished.

5. Matías Colossi (21 years old)

It was the one that made the best tournament. In 2021 he was loaned to Melipilla in the First Division and despite the fact that it had a low participation, during this 2022 exploded in Barnechea. He became a vital part of the team. John Armijo and to his well-known speed and ability, he added an important quota of goals. He played 31 games, 22 from the start, and scored six goals, figure that erected him as the third scorer of his club. If there are exits in Colo Colo’s offensive zone, Colossi could have a chance for him.