“That you come to hue …”: unexpected irruption of Paty Maldonado’s husband in the middle of the program unleashed his fury and that of Cata Pulido

A particular situation occurred in this Monday’s chapter of Las Indomables, a program performed by Paty Maldonado and Cata Pulido through YouTube.

It all came about when the opinionologist’s husband, Jorge Pino, interrupted the transmission to send him a message, which he left written in a notebook.

Of course, and despite the fact that he wanted to pass cool, his intervention generated the anger of the former Mucho Gusto. “He still doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand that I leave at 6:30 p.m., so he leaves me messages in a notebook. Now look for the page where I have the guideline written down, it will be good, conchalalora ”, Maldo launched annoyance.

Later, Paty kept nothing to herself and shared a profound reflection on what happens with relationships over the years.

“It will happen because with time tolerance begins to end, it has ended for me, I tell you the truth. It has nothing to do with affection, no, but hey… suddenly he comes out with some things that I swear make me want to throw the kettle over his head. There are many women like me, and they dare not say it, ”she said on screen.

Cata Pulido’s furious message

After cardboard, who spoke was Cata Pulido, who did not miss the opportunity to send a furious message to Pino.

“Uncle Jorge, I am going to tell you and I am not going to send you to tell anyone. We have a channel with 156 thousand subscribers. Generally, we have approximately 4 thousand connected. So that you come to hue…, if the house is not on fire, if Paty Andrea is not drowning, I don’t know, something really urgent, I recommend that you wait until 8 at night, “concluded the actress.