“That puts me in trouble”: Neme’s question about Your Day that complicated Daniel Fuenzalida

This Thursday the “return” of Me Late took place on Chilean television. Of course, with a brief step through the morning Pleased to meet you.

In the Mega program, Daniel Fuenzalida, Sergio Rojas, Andrés Caniulef and Luis Sandoval spoke with José Antonio Neme and Karen Doggenweiler.

Among other topics, the entertainment experts discussed the news of the morning programs, which they evaluated with different qualifications.

After highlighting the work of those who received them, the group led by the former Egg stopped for several minutes in the morning Tu Día.

“Let’s go with Pri and Repe. We are a stark program, you have to talk about things as they are ”, Neme asked, interested in the fur.

“I have to do a mea culpa because I didn’t have faith in Repe, I thought he was going to continue in the same way, but the truth is that he surprised me and consolidated himself in third place. They have known how to manage this relationship with Priscilla”, clarified Fuenzalida, from an entrance.

The note to Your Day

After a pause and deviate from cahuín, the animator insisted on the subject. “Hey… And Channel 13?” Neme asked Fuenzalida, eager to know what grade he would give the morning of the competition.

“I would put Channel 13… is that puts me in trouble. It is that one is there, it is here, ”replied the former TV + driver, hinting at his good relationship with the former sign of the little angel.

Finally, at the insistence, he gambled: “I would give Channel 13 a 4.5. Yes, a 4.5, but before I put a 3″.