“That courage is what I admire most about you”: Karen Bejarano dedicated a special message to her husband Juan Pedro Verdier for his new project

Karen Bejarano and Juan Pedro Verdier are one of the most stable couples on the national show, the lovers have gone through very difficult times due to their emotional problems.

Both have spoken openly on television and social networks about the difficulties they have experienced in their lives.

In this context, Juan Pedro carried out a project called Crisol Method, which is an agenda to better organize your life.

It is for this reason that his wife Karen Bejarano congratulated his love through a significant message through his Instagram account.

“Love of my life: You do not know how proud I am of everything you have done to achieve your well-being. 🥹 I have seen you grow since you were in your most absolute darkness and completely blindly wanted to be better, you wanted to break those chains that anchored you to despair and chaos, ”she began with the writing.

“I’ll be honest, and it’s that bravery that I admire most about you. Having the courage to transform darkness into an outlet full of light, which not only helped you find your goals and purposes in life, but also help others to focus on what they are really passionate about and what they believe in. that it is possible to achieve what they set out#, he added.

“You developed a method that I have seen firsthand how it impacted your life so efficiently and it has been so generous of you to develop it so that others can also benefit from prioritizing having more organized life goals,” he specified.

“I can’t wait to see how many people it will help to organize themselves in a better way and how they will see the significant changes that their lives will have if they stick to visualizing and doing what they determine,” said the former member of Mekano.

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