“Thanks for the publicity”: Betsy Camino’s acid response to Adriana Barrientos

After Adriana Barrientos’ harsh attack on Betsy Camino, the Cuban model shared an acid message in response to Leona.

It all started when Adriana threw everything against Betsy on the entertainment program Star Zone. “She is not cool at all, I’m going to tell you altiro, I like her badly, she’s a lead,” assured the Leona.

“She’s more bad than pretty, she’s very bad, super heavy,” criticized Barrientos, adding that “she has the smoke on her head, she thinks she’s from Hollywood.”

“All I say…”

The model’s sayings reached the ears of the Cuban, who took her networks to indirectly refer to Adriana’s sayings.

Betsy kept nothing to herself and responded with an acid message through her stories. First off, he shared a selfie of her with a caption that read, “Speak good, speak bad, but speak the fuck. Thanks for the publicity.”

After this, the Cuban shared some videos in which she launched a powerful message about the criticism she receives.

“My poto face is not annoying, it’s tired. Thank God I am lucky in life. In my last post, if you want, go read it, I always thank Chile for all the opportunities, “said the model.

Betsy then shared a reflection on the bad vibes she has had to receive, which seems to be in response to Barrientos’ attack.

“When you ask me, ‘Betsy, what do you do when people refer to you badly? When they invalidate you as a professional. What do you do with those bad vibes? And the only thing I’m saying is that they speak badly about me, that’s how my ass grows … ”, Camino explained, showing his curves in front of the mirror.

Check out Betsy’s stories below:

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