Tell yourself a new one: the “U” again has Huachipato in its sights to reinforce itself

Probably due to the cost of his signing, close to a million dollars, and the poor performance he exhibited on the field, Ignacio Tapia was the most resisted footballer this season at the University of Chile. In fact, in the last section, after the arrival of Nery Domínguez and the return of Luis Casanova, he hardly saw any action. And when he did, he didn’t measure up.

Tapia is just the last of the purchases made by the blues from Huachipato. Israel Poblete was another. And back, there is a long history. A scenario that has led to suspicions about the relationship between the steel club and the blues.

Especially in the case of Victoriano Cerda, anchor man of the southern box, who has even been repeatedly accused of owning the “U”.

In any case, despite the questioning, it seems that Azul Azul continues to look favorably on Huachipato’s values. Now, for example, radio dna reported that the concessionaire closely follows three soccer players: Walter Mazzanti, Gonzalo Montes and Javier Altamirano.

Mazzanti, a 26-year-old Argentine winger, and Montes, a 27-year-old Uruguayan midfielder, could fill the places for foreigners on the university campus, after the confirmed departure of Álvaro Brun.

At the moment, in any case, everything is rumours. The “U” is just looking for its new coach, after confirming to Sebastián Miranda that he is no longer in charge of the first team. Everything indicates that the target will be Mariano Soso, who is no longer in O’Higgins de Rancagua. Only with the DT in the CDA will the evaluation be carried out.