“Tell him what you did…”: Helhue Sukni furious with her daughter after unexpected “betrayal” in the middle of visiting the doctor

Helhue Sukni is one of the most active celebrities on social networks, where from time to time she shares videos of what she does on a daily basis.

For example, this Monday was no exception and he told his followers a particular situation that he starred in with one of his daughters in the middle of a visit to the doctor.

“I have to tell you that the other day I told Bombona to come with me to a doctor to operate on me, then the doctor asks me: ‘And you smoke?’ and I don’t, I don’t smoke, so Judas who was next to me told him: ‘Doctor, my mother is lying if she smokes’, tell your friends what you did, ”the lawyer said from the outset

Immediately afterwards, his daughter took the floor and gave details of the anecdote.

“No, it didn’t even wrinkle, the doctor was writing down everything and he says ‘do you smoke?’ and she didn’t even wrinkle and I look at her and then she asks ‘and did you drink today?’ and she didn’t, so I called her a liar, mom, you have to tell the doctor and she started calling me a ‘faggot…, a traitor and a Judas,’” the teenager threw her into the water.

After cardboard, Helhue leaked that this weekend he could enter the pavilion.

“It seems that on Saturday they will operate on me, I am going to operate on my face first, I am going to stretch like this,” he said in the video that he uploaded to the virtual platform.

Helhue Sukni’s video