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Work meetings are usually uncomfortable because there is not always something to say, or what is said can be uncomfortable or sound superfluous. It is for these situations that Tele-Prompt appears, a system that uses the (AI).

Who is behind the project is Daniel Gross, a developer who worked several years in the field of AI with Apple. He now he goes to the rescue of work meetings.

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How does it work? As detailed on the Xataka page, the program listens to the work meeting and suggests comments to contribute to the conversation. And the best thing is that you don’t need Internet.

For this, a voice recognition system is needed that captures what is spoken. Then, it works with sentence embeddings known as a SentenceTransformer. This is how you search for related phrases in the kaggle dataset, where there are millions of categorized citations.

The explanation of the system was made by Gross himself, on his Twitter account. However, it is in the experimental phase. That is why some answers have not gone unnoticed, such as: “the solution will come when the people in charge are responsible for the problem”, “freedom is a daring liberation” or “freedom is a state of mind”. Despite this, the system shows another step of the AI ​​to act in real time.