Tekken 8 is presented with an incredible cinematic trailer

A few weeks ago at EVO 2022, the arrival of a new Tekken had already been anticipated, and now as part of the State of Play is that Tekken 8 was officially presented, the new installment of the popular fighting franchise.

The game was presented through an incredible trailer with the graphic engine of the game, being one of the novelties that the title It will leave the previous generation of consoles in the past, reaching only PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

According to the producer of the saga, Katsuhiro Harada, “this trailer has been taken directly from the execution on PlayStation 5 of a fragment of the story mode in development of Tekken 8”, adding that “all character models, backgrounds and effects are the same as you will find in the game. Although the images have been taken from the story mode, this is not a pre-rendered video, made for the trailer, but real-time rendered images, running at 60 frames per second, the same way you would experience the game in story mode. battle”.

Harada further explained that “in the trailer you can see this level of quality in the new playable character models created, which are completely different from those of Tekken 7, and in small details such as the raindrops that slide down the skin of the characters. characters. They are not images created just for the trailer, but real-time reproductions of what is happening on the game screen.”

The game currently does not have a release date.

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