Technologies that were imagined in the 60’s and made real by Samsung

Sixty years ago, when television programs were still broadcast in black and white, many popular series and cartoons dared to imagine and predict the future without technology. This one was full of technologies, with flying cars, robot housekeepers, talking clocks and endless objects that had the sole purpose of making people’s lives easier.

Today, in the 21st century, all those devices and the advanced technology that parents and grandparents saw on TV are a reality that companies like Samsung offer users so that they can have a life like the one that was once imagined.

Next, we tell you about four devices and technologies that imagined television programs in the 60’s and that are already part of the Samsung portfolio.

technologies of video calls

The video call is perhaps the activity that was most impossible to carry out sixty years ago. Today, they are part of daily life, especially during these more than two years of pandemic. This is because it has become the most widely used means of communication, helping to keep families and friends together from a distance.

Such a useful function needs the best technology, as is the case with folding phones. Being a pioneer in the category, Samsung recently introduced the new Galaxy Z Flip4, which offers a better battery and an optimized camera system compared to its predecessor.

Also, its folding screen provides a new experience when making video calls thanks to Flex mode.

Robot Vacuum Technologies

Most series from the 1960s featured a family person concerned with cleanliness at home. To facilitate the performance of these activities, there was the robot vacuum cleaner, a device that seemed dreamed of by housewives of that time but that existed only in the imagination.

Currently, household chores are performed by all members of the family and these are made much easier to carry out thanks to real devices such as the POWERbot-E 2in1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which vacuums and mops. In addition, it has a long battery life and can be controlled from anywhere via Wi-Fi.


Smart watches allowed 60s characters to answer calls, watch their favorite TV shows, and were capable of waking up the owner of the watch with a loud alarm. Today, Smartwatches, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, are part of the ecosystem and you can see messages and answer calls from them. Likewise, they offer daily monitoring of the state of health and help to carry out a detailed follow-up of the quality of sleep in order to contribute to improving your habits.

Flat screens

The families of the 1960s, who gathered to watch their series and cartoons in front of a television with an antenna, in black and white, never imagined that the flat screen televisions they saw on television would exist in reality many years later.

Today’s TVs like the Neo QLED 8K offer a myriad of features! Among them we can highlight the Internet connection, access to various streaming platforms, a better gaming experience, options to optimize work from home, among others. All this combined with the best cinematographic image quality and surround sound.