Techie trends: the best Christmas combinations to give away

Christmas is approaching and everyone is looking for a gift. A good alternative is to bet on pairs that complement and enhance each other. This is possible, thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem.

If a person is already a Samsung user and you want to give them a complement, or you want to opt for a perfect match, you can take any of the following ideas.

1. Galaxy Fold4/ Galaxy Flip4 + Tab S8: If the person to whom you want to give a gift needs to renew their cell phone, you can surprise them with one of the folding Smartphones. Depending on the daily use that you give to your equipment, you could opt for the Galaxy Flip4 if you are nostalgic for clamshell cell phones. Or if what you are looking for is a Smartphone that helps you be more productive on a daily basis, you could choose the Galaxy Fold4 with specialized functions for those looking for a Smartphone with a large screen to view files comfortably and work on the go.

A good way to complement all the functions of a Smartphone like these is to also use a tablet to complete some tasks. With Tab S8, for example, you could share what you need between the tablet and your Smartphone, using Quick Share, this function allows you to instantly share content to any Android Smartphone, such as between your foldable Smartphone and a Galaxy tablet, even to 5 devices at once. This makes it easy for you to work on one computer and quickly switch to another by transferring the files or content you need for greater comfort, be it videos, images, photos, or more.

galaxybuds2pro samsung

2. Galaxy Fold4/ Galaxy Flip4 + Buds2 Pro: Reviewing content on social networks, watching movies, series and videos is much better if all this is accompanied by good sound. For this, the best of the Galaxy ecosystem are the Buds2 Pro with which you can give a more immersive and premium sound experience. All this will make a perfect match with any of Samsung’s Smartphones, be it its line of foldables or the Galaxy S22, especially since the connection between them occurs without major problems, Auto Switching is a mode that provides an easy way to change between one device to another. You can go from answering a call to watching a movie, in one smooth transition.

3. Galaxy S22 Ultra+ Watch5: If you have in mind to give a person well-being, health and sport, you can opt for a winning pair for life in the open air. Galaxy S22 Ultra accompanied by the latest Smartwatch from Samsung Galaxy Watch5, with the new functions of Samsung’s smart watch, people will learn more about their health and will be able to implement routines that provide them with greater well-being.

Using both devices as a complement, all kinds of data are obtained and especially the new BioActive sensor provides useful information regarding heart rate, blood oxygen level and even stress level. In addition, through the Body Composition measurement tool, this watch delivers a complete picture of the state of health, which helps to set personal goals and take through personalized workouts and track progress.