Tchia, a tropical open world, presents a new trailer focused on gameplay

chia, a new game of open world and with a tropical setting, it has released a trailer in which different aspects related to the gameplay are discussed. This video, which is narrated, has shown details such as the possibility of controlling wild animals, collecting materials and facing enemies, all with careful detail and very wild and beautiful explorable environments.

Chia’s new trailer

Scanning the environment, Tchia can run, jump, or glide for great distances, as long as her stamina allows. However, he can also climb, launch through the air, or glide through it. Keep in mind that we have an entire archipelago to visit. Tchia’s soul skipping ability allows him to quickly jump onto the body of almost any animal or inanimate object you can find. Sail the seas and explore the depths of the ocean like a dolphin, or traverse distances through the sky like a seagull.

However, although it seems that we are in an idyllic place, this island has been invaded by the Maano creatures, who have also kidnapped the father of the protagonist. Hence, we embark on a risky adventure, but full of beauty. Of course, we will have to face these beings and eliminate them, being able to burn the fabric threats with flashlights or stun them with Tchia’s trusty slingshot. Soul Leap offers additional solutions, as Tchia can control a nearby lantern and throw it at an enemy.


On the other hand, we can help Tchia on her journey with her trusty ukulele. While players can simply play a few chords whenever they want, the instrument itself is full of magic, allowing Tchia to change the world around her. With a few simple strums, players can change the time of day, the weather, or use powerful magical abilities.

chia It will be launched in spring 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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