Tamara Acosta and her endogenous depression: “I remember driving and wanting to let go”

The actress Tamara Acosta She was interviewed by Martín Cárcamo in “De tú a tú”, a conversation where she referred to the depression she has suffered since she was a teenager.

She said she was diagnosed with endogenous depression when she was 30 years old, but at 14 he already suffered the first depressive episodes that directly affected their mood.

“It manifested itself with a lot of sadness, which is also mixed with adolescence. But I, now with the distance, see it and it goes beyond adolescence. It is something that was not normal (…) I felt that nothing made sense . I felt very alone, I shut myself up a lot. I cried a lot“, said.

15 years later, the depression came to generate crises of anguish and panic. Episodes that prevented her from even getting out of his bed. “Bathing was like climbing Everest”counted.

“I have some periods deleted, but I remember having been driving and having thought, having the desire to let go and that’s it. I had the lucidity to say to myself: ‘Shoot, eye,'” she added.

The actress said that she did not think of committing suicide, but she did feel “wanting not to be. I did not think that I am going to do this so as not to be and commit suicide. But I did think of something that would relieve me.”

Finally Ana’s interpreter in “Los 80” decided to enter a clinic and spending other days at his parents’ house in order to regulate his medication.

“I felt like they were saying, ‘You know, you’re not crazy. You’re not complicated. No, you have a disease, and this disease is treated in this way‘. You learn to know yourself too, and you know what the limits are,” she concluded.


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