T1 and Faker get into the Worlds 2022 final

The action returned to the screens of the World’s 2022 of League of Legends. With the arrival of the semifinals, the game changed scenery and from Atlanta, USAwe had the first World Cup semi-final. T1 Y JDG They faced each other in the first series that would reveal the first finalist of World’s. With a tremendous level of series and a great show in front of a packed stadium, T1 managed to beat JDG to get into the final. T1 returns to a final of World’s with his historic playerLee Sang-hyeok«faker«. Marking one of his best performances of the year, T1 unseated the Chinese champion and you will have the opportunity with faker to raise his fourth trophy of World’s.

The action had no more ideal setting than a State Farm Arena completely filled with a show-hungry audience. The protagonists would not be less than the people, JDG Y T1 they arrived as authentic kings to the stage promising one of the best series of the year. With faker at the head of a team of young stars, T1 dreamed of returning to the end of World’s. While on the other hand, JDG held the last candle for the China region, who put his last hope in his summer champion. The outcome is all that could be imagined of a total series between regions, with a level that did not stop surprising with the passing of the minutes.

JDG Strikes First in Worlds Semifinal

With everything to decide, JDG and T1 they jumped into the summoner’s rift to fight the first map of what promised to be a series where it was impossible to save anything. Agile reflex, JDG came out with a more than solid approach against the strong initiation of Camille, Gallium Y Saw of T1. By the team of fakera great early game from Lee Min-hyeong «Gumayusi“and Lee Min-hyeong”keria» would give strong advantage. But on the other side of the map, JDG would put Jax far ahead of Bai Jiahao «369» that would be the main problem of the Koreans. JDG managed to save countless fights thanks to the Jax and the Taliyah by ZengQi «yagao» to close the game after saving the Elder Dragon.

The epic part of JDG would arrive to save a game that seemed lost after the great hunts of T1. The Chinese team strengthened their mechanics to score the first point of the series. This would be double bad news for T1 meaning defeat from the blue side chosen by themselves. In this way, T1 had to rethink turning the situation around with approaches other than Galliumwhich seemed not to suit them very well.

Faker takes out Ryze and T1 returns to the match

While taking the first hit is never good, It can be used to understand where to return to the path. T1 He was aware of what he needed and went out to the second map with Faker’s flagship champion, Ryze. The Smurf in the crack would be accompanied by the LucianNami, which would once again be the early potential. To counter Korean ideas, JDG dated the Bel’Veth of Seo Jin-hyeok «Kanavi«, one of the best cards up his sleeve. But the lights of all the searchlights they would look leaning over the yone by Choi Woo-je «Zeus«, who would end the entire Chinese team.

Zeus swept a more than important game and brought forth all the fights from the hand of sealed fate. The toplaner of T1 He went on a great streak after his stumble on the first map and managed to equalize for his team. Nothing could do Aphelios by Wang Jie”Hope«, who was seen multiple times hunted out of position. T1 and Faker put the tie in the series with the Ryze of the midlaner which gave him extra freedom around the map. Without a doubt, the most outstanding play was an incredible rotation to Baron Nashor from T1 with teleportation added to the mystical realms of Ryze.

If something works, it is not changed, and T1 understood it correctly. faker would repeat the Ryze in the third map and would seek to continue ruining the plans of JDG. The Chinese team would come out with a more than aggressive proposal with the Renekton of 369 facing the gangplank of Zeus. Top lane arm wrestling would be won by the Chinese lane who was sweeping the game but the news was not so promising on the other side of the map. A new weak performance in positioning on the part of Hope made T1 serve a lot of oil in the Lucian of Gumayusi. Finally everything would fall on the side of T1 in fights, where a Aphelios bothered by the barrels and the ultimate of Nocturne, I couldn’t do anything. The 2-1 would fall in favor of T1 who would get ahead in the series and with one foot in the end.

T1 and Faker make it back to a Worlds final

What until now would be a completely even series and with an incredible level of both teams, would fall completely on the fourth map. Although the quality of the game would go down on the part of a JDG desperate for victory, T1 wouldn’t slow down. The absolute MVP of keria would be reflected in an incredible performance of Renata Glasco that completely drowned the last card in the deck of JDGthe Jhin of Hope. T1 swept the fourth map and leaving no doubt as to what the result might be, he closed the series with complete superiority. The desperation on the faces of JDG would be the preamble to a goodbye to competition by China. T1 closed the series by 3-1 and gets into a final again World’s and as always, with faker.

An amazing series by Gumayusi Y keria would be the team’s crowning as the first finalist of the World’s 2022. T1 manages to return to a final after five years and will have the opportunity to lift his fourth trophy. The Korean runner-up will already be waiting for the winner of the duel between his compatriots in the grand final XRD Y Gen.G. the korean dynasty reign again in an international and there is only the anxious waiting to meet who will be the rival of T1 and Faker in the grand finale.