Swan Hellenic partners with Seti Institute

By Editorial PortalCruceros.cl


Swan Hellenic was associated with the seti institute to provide your guests with expert information on the history and latest discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology and planetary science, and the quest to find other life forms within and beyond the Solar System.

This search takes the institute’s researchers to the most remote and inhospitable corners of the planet to explore life, including Antarctica, where the fleet Swan Hellenic It is present for several months of the year.

The new partnership is set to engage Swan Hellenic’s many adventure travelers with never-before-seen presentations on explorations around Earth and beyond, with equipment from the Seti Institute, including an advanced telescope installed on board. Experts initially scheduled for the cultural expedition cruises in 2023 include Director of Education and Outreach and Assistant Director of Research Simon Steel; and Bill Diamond, President and CEO of the Seti Institute.

“The presence of the eminent scientists of the Seti Institute aboard our cultural expedition cruises, imparting their expert knowledge in astrobiology, geology, physics, chemistry and astronomy, completes another facet of the quest to bring our guests to see what others They don’t see,” he declared. Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito.