Surprise in the market! They assure that the “U” asked about an emblematic colocolino defense

At the University of Chile they know that, given what was seen last season, the margin of error is minimal. After a fourth season close to relegation, they cannot be wrong again and for this reason, now that there is a greater window as a result of the World Cup, they are moving with everything to form a squad of guarantees for 2023.

Juan Pablo Gómez, voted the best right-back in the championship, arrived to compete for a position with Yonathan Andía. Meanwhile, Manuel Mayo, sports manager of the blues, is in Argentina in search of the DT and apparently closing some reinforcement.

And precisely in the item reinforcements, yesterday in we are all technicians they uncovered a bomb. An unexpected move by the “Romantic Traveler”. It happened when they were talking about his archrival, Colo Colo. Then, “Tobi” Marcelo Vega turned to Daniel Arrieta, a journalist who covers the albos:

“Dani, you are talking about Matías Zaldivia. Is it true that the University of Chile wants it?” He surprised everyone on the panel.

“That information reached us. I understand that nothing concrete, no offer but I understand that there was an approach or there was a survey by the U”, Arrieta quickly confirmed.

And then he concluded: “What we can also say is that Zaldivia has foreign alternatives and there may be an offer for the player.”

Of course, the blues are looking for an experienced central defender who can compete for the position with Nery Domínguez and Luis Casanova. Zaldivia, however, is surprising, because in Colo Colo he has played more than 130 games since he arrived in 2016 from Arsenal de Sarandí. He is, at this point, a benchmark of the institution.

However, the Chilean naturalized Argentine is ending his contract, and in Macul there is no intention of renewing him, so he would be open to listening to offers. And there is the case of De Paul, who already put on the “Cacique” shirt even though he defended the “U” for several seasons, even as captain.