Sungrow launches its new fully integrated electric vehicle charger

Sungrow, one of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic inverters and ESS, introduces the new charger for electric vehicles fully integrated with the aim of accelerating the adoption of more sustainable transport.

The system essentially consists of three parts.: the EV charger, the 3-phase hybrid inverter and the battery.

When these three components are combined, customers can adopt the system as a complete electric vehicle smart charging solution for your homes and benefit from the full integration of renewable energies.

For installers, this means they are guaranteed to work with a single manufacturer, offering a central point of contact for all queries about the complete system, including warranty and service.

The entire solution is designed for effortless setup, with easy one-person installation and remote commissioning of the entire system in just a few minutes.

All three devices are accessible from Sungrow’s free iSolarCloud monitoring platform.

This means that customers can see how much energy their PV system is producing, how much energy is being stored in their battery, and all the details about the charging process of their E-Vehicle, such as how much PV energy is being used to charge Car.

Since the price of electricity fluctuates, this energy storage system can be configured to store electricity when it is cheap and release electricity when it is expensive in order to generate revenue for the customer. Additionally, the solution offers a streamlined home backup experience, including a seamless transition when there is a power outage.

Simply having an electric car is not enough to offset carbon dioxide emissions. Using renewable energy to charge the EV is a more cost-effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of an individual or business. That’s where the triphasic solution comes in.


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