summer 2022 records a 20% increase compared to 2019

European 1

After two deeply impactful years of the pandemic, the hotel and restaurant sector picked up some color this summer. Stéphane Manigold, president of Umih in Île-de-France and guest of France Bouge on Europe 1, gives a positive assessment of the summer season and welcomes the resumption of tourism in the region.

After the storm, here is the beginning of the clearings. The president of Umih Île-de-France, Stéphane Manigold, was very positive at the microphone of Europe 1 this Thursday noon when taking stock of the summer. Recognizing the resumption of tourism throughout the territory, the restaurateur wants the sector to continue its momentum. “All the figures are green, as they say. It’s good news and really thank you because it’s good to find your country. It’s good not to buy unemployment too because when you consume so local , it’s good for the planet”, he enthused.

A great season despite the lack of staff

According to the professional, the summer of 2022 is already much better than the summer of 2019. A figure also due to the various systems put in place by the government according to him which made it possible to protect employees. “I remind you that the employees of all the so-called non-essential businesses which were closed during this crisis benefited from 84% of their income”, specified Stéphane Manigold.

The sector grew by up to 20% this summer, despite a season marked by a lack of personnel. The increase was particularly felt for discotheques.

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