Suazo’s recommendation for Colo Colo: “Happy if it happens”

Gabriel Suazo is close to leaving colo colo and after the game with river plate, which could be his last with the albos, he appointed Jovany Campusano as one of his recommended to replace it. The Ñublense player, who had a great season with the team from James Garcia, He spoke with AS and was moved by the white captain’s gesture.

“Happy for the mention, that means that one does things well based on work and effort and what better than him who is the best left back in Chilean football. It’s something that fills you with pride.”it states.

– How did you find out what Suazo had said?

– They told me and at that moment one does not expect that among the players they say those things, but it makes me very happy that he says it. I insist, he is the best left back in the tournament.

– And would you like the idea of ​​reaching Colo Colo?

– Yes, more than anything because of the aspiration and the dreams that one has. I have a family and I want to continue growing, so I’m happy if there is an option.

– Have you had calls from the albos?

– Nothing for now, just speculation and that is seen by my representative. In any case, one is available to whatever the leadership wants. I have a contract until the end of 2023 and today I owe it to Ñublense, although without closing the doors to anything.