Study reveals that the Sun reached its middle age and shows how it will devour the Earth

The Sun is the source of life on our planet Earth, and like every star it has a life cycle that will end at some point. The Sun is a giant star which is almost 4.57 billion years old, and in about five billion years more, within its last lifetime it will devour nearby planets such as Mercury, Venus and Earth.

This is the subject of a study conducted by a group of scientists and published in the journal Royal AstronomicalJournal, which revealed that our star has entered middle age with frequent solar flarescoronal mass ejections and solar storms.

In his last years he will lose all his vital powers. “As the hydrogen fuel runs out in its core and changes in the fusion process begin, we expect it to swell into a red giant star, lowering its surface temperature in the process,” the study explains.

But what will happen when the Sun uses up all its energy? Scientists in a new study published in Astrophysical Journal carried out with the help of data collected by the Gaia spaceshipsaid Earth will have an end in five billion years and that the process of “planetary submergence” it is common in the life cycle of stellar systems.

“In the case of the Earth, I think it is not very clear if it is going to be submerged or not, but it will certainly be impossible to live in it”said Ricardo Yarza, a graduate student in astronomy at the University of California for the New York Times.

The researchers performed three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations to understand what happened after a star similar to the Sun swallowed a planet. They said the results depend on the size of the swallowed object and the star’s stage of evolution.

The study concluded that the Sun will reach maximum temperatures in about 8 billion years in the future and then it will decrease in surface temperature and increase in size. Becoming a red giant around 10 to 11 billion years old, swallowing nearby planets like Mercury, Venus and Earth. Finally after this phase, it will end up as a dim white dwarf.

Stars devour their own planets, it is common in the life cycle of stellar systems. Most likely, this is the end of our own Solar System and with it, of the Earth itself,” said Becky Ferreria, a science journalist at The New York Times.

The latest research predicted several other outcomes: The engulfing planet could be pushed into a new, much tighter orbit, and others may help create a new world.

But don’t worry, humanity probably won’t live long enough to experience the end of the world.

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