Stellantis announces the production of 12 electric cars in France

Europe 1 with AFP

While France wants to obtain 2 million electric vehicles produced on its territory in 2030, the Stellantis group announced on Monday the production of 12 electric cars within France. A statement made by Carlos Tavares, director of the group, during the motor show in Paris and which was welcomed by Emmanuel Macron.

The Stellantis group will produce “shortly” 12 electric vehicles in France, against six currently, CEO Carlos Tavares announced on Monday, October 17 at the Paris Motor Show. The Peugeot 308, 308 break and 408 electric will be produced in particular in Mulhouse in the Haut-Rhin, said Carlos Tavares alongside Emmanuel Macron, who visited the Peugeot stand. The 3008 and 5008 electric SUVs will be produced in Sochaux and Citroën’s future electric SUV in Rennes, the group said.

“Get 2 million electric vehicles produced in France by 2030”

“We are in the process of giving credibility to this trajectory that we have set for ourselves, that of obtaining two million electric vehicles produced in France in 2030”, greeted the President of the Republic. “We have already secured one million by 2026-2027,” continued Emmanuel Macron. “We will be there to support and accompany over the long term, to make France once again a great automotive land of tomorrow”. The Franco-Italian-American group, in which the French state is a shareholder, currently produced the DS3, the Citroën C4 and electric utilities in France. Its competitor Renault, for its part, has multiplied the announcements concerning the production in France of its R4 and R5.

“All of our industrial sites now have a clear future ahead of them”, underlined Carlos Tavares, “and the technology necessary to face the competition, in particular the Chinese competition which you can see today on this Mondial de Paris” .