Steelseries Is Giving Away 1 Free Month Of EA Origin Access Basic (Limited Codes)


Electronic Arts, one of the most “hated” companies in the sector, however, was one of the first to create a subscription system in which we can have access to an extensive library of PC games, which we can download directly as long as we have the active subscription.

This service called Origin Access, has a monthly cost of $5 USD in its most basic version, which gives us access to games of Electronic Arts, as are Battlefield V, Unravel Two, Battlefront II, A Way Out, and 240 other games. And recently the peripheral brand SteelSeries has wanted to give PC gamers a new space to test this Electronic Arts service.

On its main page, SteelSeries, it is giving away limited EA Origin Access Basic codes to everyone who creates an account on the SteelSeries Gaming page. To obtain the code is quite simple, you just have to make an account in SteelSeries in the next pagecomplete the process, return to the same place and click on the “Get Your Key” button, and in just minutes you will have a code to redeem on Electronic Arts’ Origin platform on PC.

Although they have not given details of how many codes will be given away in total, they warn that it is a limited promotion, and at the time of writing this article, there would only be around 4,920 codes left, so you have to hurry up and do the steps and good luck.