Steelrising has shown that what we have been asking the Souls for years was actually an excellent idea

There is much to enjoy in any of the souls come to mind. There is the setting, the story, his fights against mammoth bosses, the fantasy that his weapons often treasure and, of course, also his approach to what it means to be a real challenge.

However, it is a pity that, for just one of those aspects, which may or may not match your way of playing, skill at the controls, or time to spend becoming a better player, someone can miss out on everything else.

Despite continued denials about the difficulty, It’s something that Elden Ring took care of waking up, and that steelrising has managed to exemplify superbly.

french revolution for all

With the French Revolution as a backdrop and an automaton robot as the protagonist, SteelRising It’s very much in line with what you might expect from the typical souls that seeks to enter that catalog with some differential detail but without trying to establish a chair.

It has a fairly tight difficulty, a generous catalog of weapons and knickknacks with which to fight following the style that you like the most, a complete customization of the character that goes from the editor to the new armor and accessories that you will find, elemental damage… It is a full-fledged Souls.

His greatest asset is having dared to go one step further in what Elden Ring tried a few months ago.

Perhaps his approach to verticality, with a much more agile character, capable of jumping between roofs or even clinging to elevated structures with a hook, is one of the most representative notes regarding what we are used to seeing in FromSoftware and the entire string of followers that have been dragging along in recent years, but it is not the only one.

We add here, for example, also a much more accessible and flat style of dealing with its narrative, with cinematics and conversations that are responsible for putting the cards on the table without you having to break your horns too much to understand what the hell is going on.

However, its greatest difference, and at the same time its greatest asset, is having dared to go one step further in what Elden Ring tried a few months ago thanks to the variety of its classes and a more open and free structure of levels and scenarios: an accessible mode.

without being this steelrising one of the souls toughest I’ve ever faced, demanding in terms of losing lives because of a hit you failed to dodge, but nowhere near as hard as we’re used to seeing in other titles of this style, actually getting stuck in a certain point in life has practically no place.

There is no apocalypse behind accessibility options

The key is in an aid system that will allow us to choose various aids at will with things like reducing the damage received, or limiting the penalty of its cooling mechanic when quickly filling the bar of stamina after dodging and attacking relentlessly.


In other words, and approaching what I have personally felt during a certain part of the game, the possibility of converting what is clearly a souls into something closer to an action game than hack and slash it’s as simple as traveling to its settings, tweaking four parameters until you find the level of demand you feel comfortable with, and sitting back to enjoy.

Those who want to enjoy Steelrising as it was conceived can do so.

Logically, a large part of the experience and the way of approaching the game changes completely, but what is really striking is that it is not for the worse at all -as those of the apocalypse of hardship-.

I really enjoyed it, especially being able to tinker mid-game with other weapons that I hadn’t upgraded without fear of penalty of encountering a death screen, but more importantly and remarkable it seems to me that I have been able to enjoy a game that could have choked at any moment.


I know for sure because it’s not the first time it’s happened to me. There are stories and approaches that I would have tasted like the biggest fan of all but that have ended up being left behind due to lack of time and the desire to continue stamping myself against a wall at that insurmountable moment.

who want to enjoy steelrising As it was conceived, they can do it, and those who come to it with the inability or illusion to play it that way can also do it. And they can also pause the game when someone comes to talk to them. The world keeps turning, games keep coming out, and putting easy mode and accessibility options into a souls It has not been a step back, but forward.

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