Square Enix Unveils Symbiogenesis, Its First Collectible NFT Art Project

MADRID, Nov. 3 (Portaltic/EP) –

Symbiogenesis, which initially seemed to be a reference to the Parasite Eve video game series, has turned out to be a non-fungible tokens or collectible NFTs art project that Square Enix will release next year.

Symbiogenesis is the name of the company’s “first collectible digital art project” designed on Web3, which will arrive in spring, as reported by Square Enix within the framework of the India Game Developers Conference (IDGC). It will support the Ethereum chain and will have free browsing service in Chrome.

As detailed in a Press releaseit is an entertainment content with which a new franchise. It is set in an autonomous world where the characters maintain a symbiotic relationship, which can be collected.

The digital art of these characters can be displayed on the profile images of social networks. They can also be used as characters “in a story that takes place in an alternate world where the player can ‘unravel’ a mystery by completing quests that revolve around issues of resource monopolization and distribution“.

Last week it became known that Square Enix had registered the trademark Symbiogenesis, a term that was initially linked to the horror saga Parasite Evewith which the company, for the moment, has not linked it.

Square Enix has spent months sharing its interest in Blockchain technology and NFTs. He says it has the potential to “enable the self-sustaining growth of gaming” and encourage diversity, because “people engage with interactive content.”

“If this leads to the creation of self sufficient worlds with even greater scalability, I think we will see new types of games produced like no one has seen before“, Expressed this week the president and representative director of the company, Yosuke Matsuda, in his report to shareholders.